About Beta-Simplicity

Nature's evolution. Random mutations changes the genes. Natural selection takes over.
Product/Technology Evolution. Inventions introduce new concepts. Market selection takes over.
Beta-Simplicity, we don't just introduce new products, we introduce new concepts.

With globalization and internet, there has never been more of the same product in the market. Product evolution has slowed down, replaced by cosmetic makeover, mimicking and price war at the cost of quality.

At Beta-Simplicity, we look a the higher level of product design where we generate new concepts and intellectual properties. These concepts are translated into new products for your benefits. If it ain't better, we ain't going to build it.

Our business involves distribution of products under Beta-Simplicity branding, licensing of our intellectual property (IP) and providing product development services.

Be a driver of product evolution with Beta-Simplicity.

Innovative designs with practical attributes
Each product comes from a journey of discovery, conceptualization and realization.
Our Design is Human-Centered
We look into who, when, why, where and how you are using the product.
Our Design has a meaningful function
While aesthetic is a function, we make it functional.
It is feasible
We make sure it is within reach (We still want you to afford the activity it is intended for).
As simple as possible
Simple in design, simple to use. We make sure of that.
About the Founder

Beta-Simplicity is founded by Mr Jonathan Teo, a mechanical engineer with more than 15 years of research and product development experience. Mr Teo excels in research and innovation as shown by more than 20 invention disclosures and publications in international scientific journals. As an engineer by education and training, he is passionate about creating and driving innovation in products. The proliferation of many poorly engineered consumer products have led him to establish Beta-Simplicity. With Beta-Simplicity, you can expect novel concepts that are human-centered and work in a way you never thought possible.



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If you wish to contact us regarding any matters, you may reach us at, sales@betasimplicity.com


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