It starts from slipping spectacle during weekly jog from office to home. Spectacle earhooks and bands commonly available in the market are uncomfortable to use. As a research and product development engineer for more than 15 years, the founder, Mr Jonathan Teo realized that there are many common products in the market that are just as inadequate to meet its intended use. Instead of just pointing out their deficiency, he decided to tackle the issues and share the results through Beta-Simplicity...


Innovative designs with practical attributes

Each product comes from a journey of discovery, conceptualization and realization.



Our Design is Human-Centric

We look into who, when, why, where and how you are using the product.



Our Design has a meaningful function

While aesthetic is a function, we make it functional


It is feasible

We make sure it is within reach (We still want you to afford the activity it is intended for)



As simple as possible

Simple in design, simple to use. We make sure of that.





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If you wish to contact us regarding any matters, you may reach us at, sales@betasimplicity.com


Be our Partner

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