About Beta-Simplicity
In this over supplied era, product engineering and innovations are crowded out by cosmetic makeovers and lowest cost sourcing. We have all heard of similar phrase, "it's so cheap, if it doesn't work, we just throw and try another". Fast fashion and cheap buys are creating a wasteful attitude that is costly to the environment. In Beta-Simplicity, we believe in creating real value through engineering, continual improvement and constant engagement to users to develop innovative products that works.
Innovative designs with practical attributes
Each product comes from a journey of discovery, conceptualization and realization.
Our Design is Human-Centered
We look into who, when, why, where and how you are using the product.
Our Design has a meaningful function
While aesthetic is a function, we make it functional.
It is feasible
We make sure it is within reach (We still want you to afford the activity it is intended for).
As simple as possible
Simple in design, simple to use. We make sure of that.



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If you wish to contact us regarding any matters, you may reach us at, sales@betasimplicity.com


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