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Active Eyewear
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The Non-Slip Eyewear

Why you should choose Beta-Simplicity Active Eyewear

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High quality, high friction and soft elastomeric material
Addresses slippage issues or soreness to the ear faced by your patients, common with other glasses
Metal core covered by soft elastomeric material
Responsive bending of temple tip in all directions for a closer fit on your patients. Without the need for heating.

Unique metal core covering to secure anchor tip
Tested with oil to ensure that anchor tip does not slip out easily.

Dimensional Stability for prolong oil contact and washing in mild soap
Our elastomer does not swell from facial oil and washing with soap



Frame body made of light, strong and flexible material
To withstand the occasional accident
Spectacle/Glasses Frame

Mechanical support from behind

Friction grip from side


Your patients will love you for this

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Q. Would it hurt the ears like cable temple glasses?

A. No. The curvature of the cable temple compresses your ears and this will cause soreness. Moreover, the material of the cable temple is generally too hard compared to your ears. While there are designs to make the cable temple softer, it is generally still too hard for most people and any softer the cable temple will not be able to secure your glasses. Our anchor tip is a unique design that combines soft rubber with a wedge profile to ensure that it is gentle to your ears.

Q. Would your rubber tip harden and get sticky overtime?

A. Our rubber is made of high quality elastomer which is resistant to high temperature and does not degrade when exposed to sunlight. The rubberize temple tip is replaceable if it gets worn out after many years of usage.

Q. Is it safe to wash the glasses with soap?

A. Yes. Mild soap for washing the lens and removing facial oil from the glasses will not degrade its material including the rubber tip.

Q. Is your Active Eyewear Slim frames suitable for adult?

A. Certainly. If you have a relatively slim face, our Active Eyewear frame may be more suitable for you instead of regular adult frames. There are many adults and children who love the fit of our Active Eyewear frames on them.

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