Eyewear System 2.0, the most comfortable and non-slip experience for eyewear users. This advance eyewear support system uses both friction and back-ear support to hold the glasses with more comfort.
26 January 2019
Kids are active and careless. There are three main considerations to look out for in kids frame. The first is the material, the second is the nose pad/bridge and lastly the temple tip.
10 August 2018
After wearing your glasses daily for months or years, and one day, when you removed your glasses and use contact lens instead, you tried to adjust the glasses that is not even there. This is the most common action related to the phantom glasses syndrome.
26 July 2018
Slipping glasses is one of the most annoying and common issue faced by its users. From an engineering perspective, most glasses frame design is mechanically unstable. Here is the top ten solutions to stop glasses from slipping.
14 July 2018
When your glasses is hurting your ears, it is due to excessive pressure on them. The pain may be at the top of your ears or at the back. As the ear is made of soft cartilage, it is sensitive to pressure. It is difficult to get the adjustment right on the first attempt as the optician needs to make sure that the glasses also do not slip.
17 March 2018
Most eyeglasses frames in the market are susceptible to slipping as they are not engineered to tolerate movements or lowering of your head. This may reduces the effectiveness of treatment using multifocal eyeglasses such as Myopilux as the user is not looking through the correct area on the lens if it slips
23 February 2018
Asian fit glasses. What does it mean? How would it benefit you and stop your glasses from slipping?
12 February 2018
Super flexible glasses. It's great but do take note of its stiffness so that you will not end up with a constantly slipping glasses
12 February 2018
What makes the price difference between microfiber towel and how do you select the best for your intended usage?
02 February 2018
Summer, sunshine and an oily nose. The perfect combination to get your glasses sliding down on your nose much like a skier on an alpine slope. Here's how to stop it.
30 January 2018
Korean round frames are "designed" to slip down your nose. How do you stop or reduce this annoying slipping? We have a few recommendation to address this problem.
28 January 2018
When it comes to exercising with glasses, the often asked question is how to keep glasses from slipping when sweating? There are some simple and easy solutions to this common problem.
27 January 2018
Get a glasses that fits and have it adjusted, then it will not slip. This is the answer that is often given on websites and opticians. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
26 January 2018




Adjustment of the eyewear frame on the user is often based on the fitting triangle. These three contact points, namely, the nose bridge and the crest of both ears support the eyewear on the face.

Facing forward, the main force that keeps the eyewear in place is friction from the nosepad on the nose. When the friction from the nosepad is adequate, friction from the temple is not required...

Friction is the primary force that keeps your eyewear from slipping down under gravitational pull. Therefore, your eyewear will start to slide down when friction is unable to keep it in place.

In engineering, friction is the force from the applied force and the friction coefficient (µ) between the two materials in contact...


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