Eyewear Retainer

silicone eyewear retainer

No dangling tail. No need for stopper. Just stretch and fit.

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Key Features

bungee eyewear retainer no tail Bungee eyewear retainer custom length
Bungee eyewear retainer stretchable Waterproof spectacle band
packable eyewear retainer silicone eyewear retainer

silicone eyewear retainer




Neoprene Strap
Strap with Stopper
Does not absorb water Yes No No
Tightness adjustment Yes No Yes
No loose tail or parts Yes No No
Convenient to put on Yes Yes No
Connector secures well on eyewear Yes No No
Customizable length Yes No No
Packed for easy transport Yes No No

Technical Details

Connector inner width: 6 mm
Fits temple width 6 mm and more.

Unstretched length: 270 mm
silicone eyewear retainer, no-tail spectacle band

Trimmed length. Minimum: 150 mm
silicone eyewear retainer, no-tail spectacle band

Material: Food grade Silicone
Color: Black, Blue, Pink

How to Use?
bungee spectacle retainer instruction bungee spectacle retainer instruction bungee spectacle retainer instruction bungee spectacle retainer instruction bungee spectacle retainer instruction
Slide connector sleeve of bungee over eyewear temple.
For larger temple, insert connector sleeve about 2 cm into the temple tip.
When wearing eyewear, stretch bungee chain and... ...release behind your head.
Trim to length if necessary.

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The Story Behind

When using my spectacle for treks and adventures, having a spectacle strap or band is vital or risk losing my spectacle. The velcro type spectacle band works but it lift up my spectacle from my nose. Uncomfortable. As for those with stopper, it is usually a dead weight hanging behind and any dangling strap runs the risk of getting caught by bushes and branches in jungle terrain. Not to mention the straps start to stinks after a few trips.

BUNGEE spectacle band, designed for sports and outdoors usage. Customizable length, soft elastic stretch and no dangling parts. After customizing its length (by trimming the connector length), putting on my spectacle with it is just stretching the band over my head and release. Made of silicone, it does not absorb any sweat, seawater or riverwater. Doesn't stink, doesn't rust, no dangling parts.

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