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When it comes to exercising with glasses, the often asked question is how to keep glasses from slipping when sweating? Ensuring that the glasses fits well and tightened properly may help for some but for most, the glasses will still slip his or her nose. Most shops would recommend switching to contact lens. However, there are some simple and easy solutions to this common problem.

Glasses temple earhooks, a simple accessory that fit into the temple of your glasses and it provides a mechanical anchorage to the back of your ears. This is very effective in stopping your glasses from slipping and it will hold your glasses in place even if your face is dripping with perspiration. Don't expect many shops to recommend this as they are relatively inexpensive and a good pair can last more than a year when contact lens will give much more returns to the shop in the same period.

There are many varieties of temple earhooks in the market from the very cheap to more pricey versions. When fitted on, most of them will do be able to keep your glasses from slipping and the difference is mostly in terms of their quality and comfort. The cheapest version typically suffers from poor durability due to the poor material quality. A couple of month of usage will see them either hardening or becoming sticky. The most common temple earhook design have a long tail for effective support by the back of your ear. They are relatively inexpensive but will get uncomfortable after an hour or two due to the constant pressure to the back of your ear. More expensive and recent entrant to the market such as Flex Discreet and FOCUS temple earhooks are designed to ensure a comfortable fit and support. Flex Discreet comes with a flexible tail such that it limits the amount of pressure applied while providing adequate support. FOCUS is designed with a cushioned tail to reduce the pressure and it is able to provide more support than Flex Discreet. Both Flex Discreet and FOCUS are great for exercise in glasses that is going to last for more than an hour or if you find removing the earhook a hassle.

Generic long temple earhook

Flex Discreet temple earhook with flexible tail

FOCUS temple earhook with a cushioned tail

FOCUS temple earhook under shower

While temple earhook is effective, some users may find that it spoils the aesthetics of the glasses temple or it may get tangled in long hair especially when taking off the glasses. There are other options that gives your glasses a better grip by increasing friction instead of through mechanical support. Nerdwax is a wax designed for application on the glasses nosepad and temple. Once applied, it instantly increases the friction on the glasses which may be adequate to stop it from slipping during exercise. However, a re-application may be necessary after a few weeks as the wax got rubbed off. An alternative is Friction Sleeve, which is an elastic tube that fits over the glasses temple. Made of high friction elastomeric material, the Friction Sleeve provides instant grip at the glasses temple and for some, this may be all it needs to stop the glasses from slipping. Unlike Nerdwax, Friction Sleeve does not require replacement and can usually last more than a year or two.

Watch friction sleeve stops glasses slipping

For your next exercise, you don't have to switch to contact lens. With the right accessories on, you can get up early in the morning, put on your glasses and head off to your morning jog or workout routine. Leave the accessories on after your exercise, it will keep your glasses from slipping in any weather, anytime.

27 January 2018



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