Friction Sleeve

Eyewear Temple Socks

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eyewear temple socks

Key Features
eyewear retainer
Reduced terminal hole for better finishing.
  • High friction coefficient. Improves grip.
  • Highly elastic. Fits most temples.
  • Ultra-soft. Comfortable.
  • Doesn't become sticky or harden.
  • Reduced terminal hole for better finishing on eyewear temple.
  • Ideal for hard plastic temples.


Eyewear slipping is one of the most common complains for eyewear users. This problem can be corrected by simply having Friction Sleeve on your eyewear temple.

If your eyewear temple is giving you soreness at the top of your ear or pressure at the side of your head, Friction Sleeve will alleviate it as it is made of ultra-soft silicone.

Its smooth, un-textured surface makes it aesthetically compatible with all eyewear.


Most eyewear temples are made of hard plastic or hard rubber. These materials have poor friction properties and does not provide adequate support. Friction Sleeve is made out of ultra-soft, high friction silicone which improves the friction contact between the eyewear temple and your skin. This will reduce slipping of your eyewear.

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Temple Compatibility

Fits temple width 3 to 12 mm
spectacle anti-slip temple tips

Technical Details
Dimension: Length 70 mm. Inner Diameter 3 mm
Material: Silicone, Powder (Talc, Fragrance) coated lumen

How to Use?
spectacle hook
Fitting Demonstration

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Q. I need to wash my spectacles, do I have to remove it?

A. No. Mild soup used for routine spectacle washing have no effect on its material.

Q. My spectacle temple sometimes cause the top of my ear or side of my head to feel sore. Will friction sleeve helps?

A. Yes. Friction sleeve is made of ultra-soft silicone. This reduces the pressure of the specacle temple on your head at the contact points.

Q. Will the material become sticky over time?

A. No. Our product is made out of high quality silicone which is resistant to high temperature and does not degrade and become sticky when exposed to sunlight.

Q. Is it safe for daily use?

A. We use food grade silicone, free of any toxic substances which makes it safe for daily use.

Customer Testimonial


"After trying all sorts of solutions including wax and special bending of my frames by my optician, only the Friction Sleeves worked to keep my glasses on my face! They're comfortable on my ears and my glasses don't slide down my nose anymore"
Dave Stephen, Canada,
June 2018
"Works! comfortable and I can finally wear my glasses without my ears hurting."
smo***** on Qoo10, Jan 2018
"Helps make my specs usable again"
miy***** on Qoo10, Jan 2018

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