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eyewear retainer
eyewear retainer
eyewear retainer   Key Features:
  • Unique Stabiliser design that holds and secures eyewear
  • Doesn't absorb water
  • Doesn't rust
  • Doesn't smell after prolong usage
  • Doesn't obstruct headwear
Technical Specifications:
  • Fits temple width 4 to 10 mm
  • Length: 33 cm
  • Stretched to 50 cm

Design for use with headwear
eyewear retainer

How to Use?

Slip SQUARE cord stabiliser on each eyewear temple.

Stretch SQUARE cord if necessary to put on eyewear.

Adjust the stabiliser till it touches the back of your ear for maximum eyewear stability

eyewear retainer

The Story Behind

An eyewear is not only for vision correction, it is also a protective device in some situations. Sunglasses are vital to keep out the glare and for eye protection from the sun's UV. However, under shade, it is no longer needed. There are numerous spectacles straps and bands in the market. For the adjustable type, it is a hassle to adjust and readjust each time the sunglasses are put on and off. I suppose most people like me will not border tightening it after a while.

SQUARE CORD. It secures your sunglasses with the spectacle ear hook connector. It only requires a first time adjustment and subsequently, it is a matter of putting off or on your sunglasses. The length of the strap is not too long to pose a hazard of getting caught and long enough to hang your sunglasses by your neck when it is not needed.

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eyewear retainer


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