Contour Training Towel

Microfibre Training Towel

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microfiber gym towel

The Only Training Towel Designed
to meet your Training Needs

contour training towel contour training towel contour training towel contour training towel

Know the Difference
contour training towel

Key Features
gym towel
Soft and Luxurious Feel
gym towel
Super absorbent
gym towel
Shaped for your needs
gym towel
Knitted for shock absorption
Ideal for towel assisted workout.

Contour Training Towel - Get ready for the next round

Your high intensity workout needs a rapid absorption towel. Contour microfiber training towel, absorbs water up to 10x faster than other microfiber towels. Gets you ready for the next round of workout.

Technical Details

Length : 90 cm    Width: 35 cm
Material : Polyester/Polyamide

Charcoal Grey

Royal Blue

Rose Pink


Q. I like cotton towel because it is soft unlike most microfiber towel. Does CONTOUR microfiber towel feels stiff like most microfiber towel?

A. Most microfiber towels have a suede finishing which makes it compact and good for travel purpose. Towel for exercising and gym has a different requirement. CONTOUR is made with a terry texture similar to cotton towel to give it a soft and comfortable feel which is great for use during exercising and gym workout.

Q. How is CONTOUR better than cotton towel?

A. CONTOUR microfiber is made with high thread count and tightly woven such that your skin does not come into contact with the bench/mat surface during workout. Most cotton towel has lower thread count which makes it very porous.

Made of polyester/polyamide blend, our material is stronger than cotton to better withstand training with it.

Q. How does CONTOUR compare to those very thin and soft microfiber towel?

A. In general, microfiber towel are very good water absorbence. CONTOUR with its terry texture gives it much more surface area and volume to hold more water and perspiration before saturation.

Q. How else is CONTOUR different from normal gym or sports towel?

A. Almost all other gym and sports towel are just an extension of bath towel with a rectangle shape. This shape is good for wiping after shower but not good for resting over your shoulders during exercise. CONTOUR is shaped such that the center is narrow and wide at the ends so that it rests well over your shoulder and feels thin at the back of your neck. This shape is also ideal for training or stretching with the towel. It is a perfect combination of material, texture and shape as a training towel for use in gym, exercise and sports.

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