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Non Slip frame finger pull up test

Innovation brings new possibilities. Some are practical others silly. For our non-slip glasses, you can exercise without it slipping. Or do finger pull-ups with it...

Non Slip frame Delta Hand Test

How do you know that the eyeglasses frame really doesn't slip? First, it got to be designed to be non-slip. Check out this simple test and you will see whether it stays on or risk slipping down your nose after you bought it.

Latest development in eyeglasses frame design

We often take our vision for granted. Wearing contact lens is uncomfortable, risks infection and inconvenient. Lasik is a surgery. Low risk is NOT risk free. The safest option for vision correction. The humble spectacles. With the latest development in frame design, you can do much more wearing spectacles and maintaining good eye health.

Engineered Eyewear

When an Engineer with more than 15 years of Research and Development experience had enough of his spectacles slipping, he decides to do what he does best...

Bringing you Beta-Simplicity Active Eyewear, an engineered spectacles that is comfortable and does not slip. If you have enough of spectacles slipping down your nose, this is what you need.

When your glasses don't slip

Slipping glasses is probably the most annoying and sometimes limiting experience for a glasses user. Imagine the possibility when your glasses DON'T slip? Jogging in the rain. Hiking in the jungle without distraction. Travel around the world and not be bothered by slipping glasses. And most importantly, never missed witnessing a moment now that your glasses don't slip. Beta-Simplicity Active Eyewear, The Non-Slip Eyewear.

The Non Slip Glasses

Conventional glasses often slips down your nose. Beta-Simplicity glasses frames comes with our unique Anchor Tips that stop your glasses from slipping even when you are exercising in the rain.

Sliding Glasses on Nose

Most glasses will naturally slide down your nose. Contemporary glasses design does not offer sufficient support to hold the glasses in place. In Beta-Simplicity, we design glasses frame with support so good, it does not slide when you look down on your phone. Even in rain.

Don't let slipping glasses dictate your style

Don't let slipping glasses dictate your style. You can look intellectual, trendy or stylish by putting on the right frame design. However, if it slips, the frame design doesn't matter. Beta-Simplicity glasses. Designed to stay in place.

Contour Training Towel Introduction

Contour Training Towel, combination of softness, super absorbency, size, shape and strength to meet your training needs. It's unique contour shape is designed to provide good grip at the ends and a slim profile at the center for hanging by your shoulders.

Training with Glasses

Training and exercising with glasses has always been a problem due to slipping of the eyewear. Many glasses users will either switch to contact lens or took off their glasses during the exercise. With eyewear accessories from Beta-Simplicity, you can now stop slipping glasses.

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The Eyewear that really works. No slipping, no painful ears

Selecting the most suitable eyeglasses frame should not be about premium brand or the lowest price. If it is for your daily use, it is about how well it works.

For your kids' safety on the playground and beyond

"Our glasses give you the perfect fit - they won't slip." Frustrated by marketing spiels that compromise your comfort and safety? For your kids' safety on the playground and beyond, we engineer glasses that truly don't slip. First step: the material used. We don't just claim that it works. Let us SHOW you. Beta-Simplicity Active Kids glasses with Anchor tips. Engineered in Singapore.

Stop Glasses with Flexible Temple from slipping with Friction Sleeve

Super flexible glasses with its highly flexible temple tip are great for sports and rough usage since it does not break easily. However, the temples of some design may not be stiff enough to hold its own weight. In this case, Friction Sleeve will provide added support to hold your glasses.

Contour Training Towel - Get ready for the next round

Your high intensity workout needs a rapid absorption towel. Contour microfiber training towel, absorbs water up to 10x faster than other microfiber towels. Gets you ready for the next round of workout.

Anchor Tips Introduction

Beta-Simplicity Active Kids glasses with revolutionary anchor tips. Design to hold glasses in place (with no slipping or sliding) under any condition. Soft, high friction and elastic anchor tip ensures that the glasses are supported comfortably by the back of the ear.

Anchor Tips Grip

Modern eye glasses uses its temples to keep it in place. However, most of their temples are not adequately designed to support the glasses. This contributes to frequent slippage. Beta-Simplicity glasses are engineered to reduce slippage. This video shows how it works.

Active Kids Eyeglasses with Anchor Tips

Does your kids glasses keep sliding down his nose? Beta-Simplicity Active Kids Eyeglasses with anchor tips makes sure glasses stay in the right position without sliding.

FOCUS Temple Earhook. Stops glasses slipping on oily nose

Does your flat, fat or tiny nose causing your glasses to slip? The fact is that even a person with high bridge nose will experience slipping glasses. With the FOCUS temple tip, your glasses will stop slipping regardless of your nose shape.

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FOCUS Temple Earhook. Stops glasses slipping on oily nose

Does hot summer weather and oily/greasy nose causing your glasses to slide down your nose? FOCUS temple earhook is designed to stop your glasses from slipping so that you can enjoy the summer weather. This video will show you that FOCUS temple earhook does stop glasses from slipping even on an oily surface.

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FOCUS Introduction

Slipping glasses is a common problem faced by many eyewear users. FOCUS spectacle earhook is especially designed to stop your glasses from slipping and ensuring that it is comfortable behind your ears. This glasses earhook is ideal for sports, adventure race and other physical activities.

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Flex Discreet Stops Slipping Spectacle Field Test

Flex Discreet Eyewear Temple Earhook. Unique flexible tail makes it very comfortable to wear. However, does it really stop eyewear from slipping? Find out in this video.

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Introducing BUNGEE Eyewear band

BUNGEE eyewear band. The eyewear retainer designed for outdoors and sports. Its unique chain design enables the band to be easily stretched over your head to put on your eyewear. No dangling tail, no loose strap.

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BUNGEE Eyewear band - Usage and Fitting

BUNGEE eyewear band. Its unique chain design allows you to put on your eyewear with the band without any loose dangling parts. Ideal for sports, adventure race and outdoor use. See how simple it is to use BUNGEE eyewear band in this video.

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Demonstration of Friction Sleeve in stopping slipping Spectacle

Conventional eyeglasses temple are smooth and may not offer adequate grip. Friction Sleeve, made of high quality silicone, is designed to fit over existing eyeglasses temple for immediate improvement in its grip.

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Fitting Friction Sleeve over eyewear temple

Conventional eyeglasses temple are smooth and may not offer adequate grip. Friction Sleeve, made of high quality silicone, is designed to fit over existing eyeglasses temple for immediate improvement in its grip.

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Fitting Flex Discreet eyewear temple earhooks on wide temple eyewear

Stop slipping glasses with Flex Discreet eyewear temple earhook. Made of silicone and designed with comfort in mind. Discreet and stylish, ideal for urban office use and low impact sports.

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Fitting Wedge Classic temple earhook on wide temple eyewear

Demonstration on how to slip on Wedge Classic temple earhook onto a wide spectacle temple/arm. The only temple tip with dual slots design for wide and narrow temple. Secure your eyewear and prevent it from slipping with Wedge Classic temple earhook.

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High quality silicone is heat resistant

There are numerous eyewear earhooks/ear grips and eyewear retainers out there in the market with different pricing. While many claims to be made of high quality silicone, there may be some that are really made out of inferior alternatives. At Beta-Simplicity, we know about materials and high quality silicone is resistant to heat.

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Focus Comfort - Stops Glasses Slipping

Spectacle temple earhooks are very effective in stopping spectacle from slipping. However, most spectacle temple earhooks will cause soreness behind the ear after a few hours. FOCUS spectacle temple earhook is designed with an unique cushion so that it does not exert excessive pressure on the back of your ear, thus eliminating the soreness while maintaining the same effectiveness in stopping eyewear slipping.

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Effectiveness of high friction coefficient from nosepad and temple in supporting eyewear

Temple with good friction is essential to prevent your eyewear from slipping off when facing down. However, good nosepad friction is needed to arrest any minor slipping of the lens. This video shows how friction from the eyewear temple and nosepad helps to prevent the eyewear from slipping down or falling off.

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Effectiveness of high friction coefficient between nosepad and nose

Slipping eyewear is generally due to insufficient friction to hold it up. This video is a validation that a high friction material between the nose-pad and the model nose helps to prevent slipping eyewear but only when the eyewear is horizontal to the ground.

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Reduce Eyewear Sliding by increasing temple and contact surface friction coefficient

Friction is the primary force that keeps your eyewear from slipping down under gravitational pull. Therefore, your eyewear will start to slide down when friction is unable to keep it in place. This video shows how increasing the temple friction coefficient helps to reduce slipping of the eyewear.

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Reduce Eyewear Sliding using earhooks/temple tips

Slipping eyewear is a common annoyance faced by eyewear users. This video demonstrates and explain how a simple eyewear hook retainer is able to stop eyewear slippage.

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