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Most people will feel soreness from wearing spectacle earhooks. Even those made from the softest silicone is likely to cause soreness after a few hours. This is due to constant pressure from the earhook pressing against the back of your ear. Having adequate support to hold your eyewear does not necessarily mean that you have to suffer from soreness.

When the material softness is insufficient to give a gentle touch, a mechanical cushion construction is needed. FOCUS, probably the only spectacle earhook that comes with a cushioning and does not absorb perspiration. Designed for providing a firmer hold than FLEX DISCREET and it does not cause soreness with to its cushion support.

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stop slipping glasses with eyewear earhook   Material: Food-grade silicone

Suitable for securing:
  • Eyeglasses/spectacles
  • Sports sunglasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Safety glasses

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Eyewear slipping is one of the most common complains for eyewear users. This problem can be corrected by simply having FOCUS ear hook on your eyewear temple.

In sports and high impact activities where there is a chance that the eyewear may get knocked off, FOCUS ear hook provide additional anchorage to keep your eyewear on your face without hurting your ears allowing you to focus on your activity.

Made of high quality silicone, FOCUS ear hook does not absorb perspiration and will not harden when exposed to sunlight.


FOCUS ear hook works by providing a physical support at the back of your ear to prevent your eyewear from slipping down your nose or being knocked off.

Unlike any other spectacle ear hook in the market, it is designed with a cushion support such that it is comfortable at the back of your ear. Most ear hooks in the market requires "never ending" adjustment to find the perfect spot on the temple such that it does not hurt your ears and still providing the support.

Watch how FOCUS stops glasses from slipping on "oily nose"

Temple Compatibility
Fits temple width 2 to 7 mm
stop slipping glasses with spectacle earhook

How to Use?
stop slipping glasses with spectacle earhook



Q. Spectacle temple tips are usually uncomfortable. How about Focus?

A. Focus is designed with user comfort in mind. Conventional spectacle hook tends to exert too much pressure at the back of the ears causing discomfort. Focus's cushion support is designed to limit the pressure while securing your spectacle.

Q. Generic temple tips often harden after a few weeks. Will the same happen to Focus?

A. No. Focus is made out of high quality silicone which is resistant to high temperature and does not degrade when exposed to sunlight.

Q. I need to wash my spectacles, do I have to remove it?

A. No. Mild soup used for routine spectacle washing have no effect on its material.

Q. Is Focus safe for daily use?

A. We use food grade silicone, free of any toxic substances which makes it safe for daily use.

Q. Why is my Focus shifting away from its position after a few weeks of usage?

A. Facial oil can get trapped at the sleeve between the temple tip and the spectacle temple. This has a lubricating effect which may cause any spectacle temple tip to slide. Just push the temple tip aside and clean off the oil and push it back into its desired position.

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