Wedge Classic Natural

Eyewear Temple Earhook


spectacle retainer

eye glass hook   FEATURES
  • Keeps eyewear in place
  • Autoclavable
  • Translucent natural color allows easy detection of contaminants
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Fits most eyewear

How to Use?
spectacle temple tip


Q. Spectacle temple tips are usually uncomfortable especially at the part where it goes over the spectacle temple. How about Wedge Classic?

A. Not with Wedge Classic. Generic temple tips have thicker sleeve and made of harder silicone or other materials which is uncomfortable. Wedge Classic is made from high quality ultra-soft silicone with thin sleeve. You can hardly feel the sleeve.

Q. What are the recommended sterilizing method for Wedge Classic Natural?

A. Wedge Classic is made out of high quality silicone which is resistant to high temperature. Wedge Classic natural has been shown to retain its high elasticity after autoclaving.

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Tempele Earhook Selection Guide


Activity Recommendation Features
Cross-country activity, Contact Sports
eg. Adventure race, military training, basketball
Wedge Classic
spectacle temple tip
Contoured profile for maximum grip
Endurance Sports
eg. Marathon
spectacle temple tip
Secures eyewear without causing soreness at back of the ear
Low Impact Activity
eg. Office use, Running, Gym, Yoga
Flex Discreet
spectacle temple tip
Tucked behind ear. Discreet and comfortable. Anti-slip.

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