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The Temple Tip
High quality, high friction and soft elastomeric material
Addresses slippage issues or soreness to the ear faced by your patients, common with other glasses
Metal core covered by soft elastomeric material
Responsive bending of temple tip in all directions for a closer fit on your patients. Without the need for heating.
Mounting slot for Removable Nose Pad
Support mounted nose pad for greater durability
Unique metal core covering to secure anchor tip
Tested with oil to ensure that anchor tip does not slip out easily.
The Body
Light, Strong and Flexible

To withstand the occasional accident

The right stiffness for a comfortable and secure grip from the side.


Allows you to use both Friction and Back Ear Support for maximum patient comfort

Tips. Support using friction is more comfortable. Engage anchor tip if lens are heavy or user engaged in sports for more effective support.

Mechanical support
from behind the ears

Friction grip
from side


Force Distribution
It's all about distribution of forces to maximize support and minimize pressure points.

Bend the temple inwards for greater friction support

Bend the temple tip downwards for greater support from behind the ears


Do not pull on the anchor tip loop

Do not jab elastomeric temple tip with sharp tools or finger nails

Do not force over-size lens into the frame

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