The Military Prescription Eyewear
tactical eyewear
army spectacles
You don't need to have a perfect eyesight to be a marksman.
You just need a clear vision.
Normal frames are not designed to give a wide field of view...
2 men at the crosshair
2 men at the crosshair
tactical prescription eyewear
tactical prescription eyewear
Is really 4 men
VASAC Eyewear
And it starts from the tip
The Anchor Tip. Soft for Comfort
The Anchor Tip. Soft for Comfort
Lightweight, high performance, high temperature tolerant polyamide material
myopia control glasses
myopia control glasses
WARNING: This is not a safety glasses and it is not a ballistic eyewear.
Eyewear Hard Case
  • Top clip
  • Snap-on straps
  • Space for two eyewear
  • Available in three colors


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Eyewear Replacement Parts
Triangia Anchor Tips


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Q. Would it hurt the ears like cable temple glasses?

A. No. The curvature of the cable temple compresses your ears and this will cause soreness. Moreover, the material of the cable temple is generally too hard compared to your ears. While there are designs to make the cable temple softer, it is generally still too hard for most people and any softer the cable temple will not be able to secure your glasses. Our anchor tip is a unique design that combines soft rubber with a wedge profile to ensure that it is gentle to your ears.

Q. Would your rubber tip harden and get sticky overtime?

A. Our rubber is made of high quality elastomer which is resistant to high temperature and does not degrade when exposed to sunlight. The rubberize temple tip is replaceable if it gets worn out after many years of usage.

Q. Is it safe to wash the glasses with soap?

A. Yes. Mild soap for washing the lens and removing facial oil from the glasses will not degrade its material including the rubber tip.

Q. Are your anchor tips replaceable?

A. Yes. Just approach any of our authorized dealers for replacements or drop us an email and we will guide you.

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