Innovations that Matter
Patent Pending Z-support tip
eyewear eyewear
Falcon TipTM

Curre Eyewear

Curre eyewear with a selection of temple length to fit you.

Curre Eyewear

Few eyewear is designed to give you such wide visual field.

We learn about myopia control using eyeglasses lens to bring you the frame.


Eyewear should be non-slip.

Beta-Simplicity eyewear with anchor tip.
Design to provide support without discomfort.


Do away with excess length of your eyewear retainer.
Our elastic solution to it.


Fail-safe design. Chain breaks under high tension.
You said earhook hurts.
We give it a cushion.

FOCUS temple earhooks

Eyewear Temple Earhook for support.
Strap for added security.
World's First Flexible Temple Earhook Tail design.
The earhook that doesn't hurt your ears.

Flex Discreet

Shaped for purpose
Redefining gym towel

Contour Training Towel

Slot for thin temple
Slot for thick temple
Lanyard hole for attachment

Wedgeclassic temple earhooks