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Vision Junior Model P0009
Prefer darker color or lighter color frames?
Or something in the middle
New model P0009, we have colors in the extremes and the middle for you.
❚ Lifestyle and Specialty Non-Slip Eyewear
spectacle frame
Minimalist Design with Functional Depth
VISION Eyewear
Minimalist Design with Functional Depth

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children spectacles
Keeping lenses in place
VISION Junior Eyewear
Keeping lenses in place

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kids eyewear
Optimizing Myopia Control Lens Fit
Myofit Eyewear
Optimizing Myopia Control Lens Fit

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outdoors spectacles
Widest view with minimum obstruction
VASAC Eyewear
Widest view with minimum obstruction

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non-slip eyewear
The AlthLeisure Eyewear
Curre Eyewear
Looks good in office
Works great at the gym
The AlthLeisure Eyewear

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❚ Accessories and Apparels
Eyewear Straps and Bands
Secures your Eyewear
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Contour Towel
Redefining gym towel

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❚ Sponsorship
Ordinary students in their journey of self-discovery and pursuit beyond the classroom.


Anthea is a former Division A inter-school water polo player and she grew an interest in rock climbing after going through a technical mountaineering course. She believes that rock climbing has shaped her to be tougher and fearless and be more confident of her own body and be responsible for it. In her free time, she does a mix of cardio exercise and strength training to prepare herself to climb greater heights.


Danial was a former national fencer and currently, the vice-captain of the NUS fencing team. He represents NUS at national and tertiary level fencing competitions. Beyond his fencing endeavors, he also engages in outdoor sports with plans to scale mountains in Europe.


Lynette is a Year 1 student from the School of Computing. She enjoys picking up new sports whenever possible, such as water skiing, windsurfing and golfing. She frequently goes skiing in winter, and enjoys cycling in Singapore. The Technical Mountaineering Course by NUS Mountaineering allows for her to further her interest in outdoor sports.


Huzefa is a Year 3 Law student from NUS. When he is not catching up with work he enjoys playing sports, such as boxing and football, and loves being outdoors. He is currently pursuing his love for the outdoors through the Technical Mountaineering Course organised by NUS Mountaineering.

Kok Hai

A Year 2 Computer Science student in NUS with a background in design and photography. While one part of him is very much a city dweller, living in the tropical climate of Singapore, his other interest is in the extreme sports of ice climbing and mountaineering.
❚ Outreach
A well rounded education includes letting students learn real world applications of their knowledge gained in the classroom. Hence Beta-Simplicity is taking up a mentorship role in NJC (National Junior College) Entrepreneurial Dare Programme (EDP) to guide the students in the path of product development from concept to reality.
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❚ Collaborative Development
Reaching out to learn, understand and apply

A study by Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) based on survey of 30 student volunteers doing 20 minutes of physical activities found that eyeglass frames with Beta-Simplicity Anchor Tips are statistically more comfortable and effective than the same frames with conventional temple tip.

Nah et al (2019) Comfort and Functionality of Anchor Loops for Spectacles. Ngee Ann Polytechnic. School of Health Sciences (Optometry). Poster.

Beta-Simplicity is exploring the use of additive manufacturing in eyewear with the assistance from National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), Singapore. Watch out for more innovative products that are benefiical to you with additive manufacturing.